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all eyes are on wall street this morning as america's debt appears to be rising. two suspects in the bryan stow beating case have their first appearance in court today.
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well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell has the day off. it's monday, july 25th. investors are worried about the lack of progress on raising the u.s. debt ceiling. pam cook has more on this after both sides said they hoped to have this resolved before the markets open. we know that didn't happen. >> no. and when the markets do open, it will be a big indication of what happened. the dow jones is down to 86 points, to 12,595. that's come down from the
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earlier drop of 100 points right at the sound of the opening bell. overnight all of the major asian markets closed down. again, they will reopen again. they are definitely looking towards washington, d.c. to see what happened. the biggest loser, the shanghai composite. australia lost 1.5%. japan finished up. the german market has wandered back into positive territory, a few times within the last few hours. the french and british markets remain down from the closing. now, related in all of this cody traders are taking action. crude oil prices fell below $99 but are now offer -- hovering
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above that point. some credit agencies are warning that they will drop the u.s. rating from aaa to aa in the next couple of days if the uncertainty continues. one commodity benefiting is gold, gold prices are up $16 so far this morning. record prices there. just about 1600 -- $1,618 an ounce. coming up, we'll have more on whether the debt talks or negotiations are showing any signs of progress. i'm pam cook. let's go back to dave. >> all right. thank you. well, for the first time the two new suspects in the bryan stow beating case will appear in a los angeles courtroom this morning alley -- allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, when bryan
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stow was severely beaten outside of dodger stadium, he not only suffered head injuries. according to a criminal complaint, the attackers cut and disabled his tongue and slashed his face. so has -- stow has been recovering since then los angeles police arrested two new suspects for the crimes, 20- year-old louie santos and they are both facing felony charges. one count each of mayhem assault and battery. los angeles police chief charlie beck held a press conference on fry, saying the two suspects were arrested the day before. investigators are not releasing the mugshots yet. the chief says doing that can
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hurt their investigation which is still going on. the man you see in this video is geovany ramirez. los angeles police. arrested him for the beating of -- los angeles police arrested him for the beating of bryan stow. now police los angeles police say, he was right. they had the wrong guy? meanwhile the two new suspects remain behind bars in los angeles. they are being held on $5 thin,000 -- on $500,000 bail. we're following developing news out of new york. the american airlines terminal at j.f.k. after a suspicious bag was found. the man who left the bag apparently is currently on an american airlines flight to land in san francisco at 10:45. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you more information as we get it.
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this morning is police in -- this morning, police are searching for who shot fire. jade hernandez has more including what's been released. >> reporter: police have found additional things out here. so we'll be out there for another hour. tell us this shooting one or both may be tied to last night's sheeting. this is near where the shooter tag tv shooting took place. police say the shooting happened on the other side of this quarter building in the parking lot f we're told that the victim lan from the million and was discovered right here on this side of the building earner collide. this shooting took place near owned and pay shore boulevard. when officers arrived they
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discovered two latino teens pleading. one of the teens, a 19-year-old man, did not survive. >> other was taken to the hospital. he's expected to survive. he's 1 and both are east palo alto residents. police are mott sure how many voters -- shooters are involved -- involved. >> it looks like the shootings a personal -- it doesn't look like it's one gain against the other one. >> reporter: east palo alto police will hold a short conference at 11:00 a.m. to discuss the two shootings last week. we've learned from palo alto police this morning, they are still looking for witnesses in
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last night's shooting, and they received quite a few tips on the hotline. we'll give you that number, 650- 409-6792. you can text or leave a mess an. we're live, jade hernandez, kut. with growing talk about a deal, where the 49ers and the other -- if they move ahead on this idea, the next big question is where they would be. let's check in with sal.
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>> good morning. we have a couple of things that are not so great. let's take a look at interstate 8 0. this is the traffic. traffic looks pretty good if you are trying to catch a flight, it's nice. this morning's commute is gonna be okay on the san mateo and on the dumb bar ten bridge heading out to the hospital s but we have 80 westbound very slow because of an earlier crash in berkeley. it's backed up from richmond if you are driving out toward the golden fields race traffic. it will be slow more than you see it. if you are drive on highway 4, that's pretty normal. 7:09. fog all the way out there. all -- almost to sacramento where they have a turbo charged sea breeze going through the
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delta. everything is in place for a cool pattern for us. there are signs that the high pressure will warm us up the last time we had any 90 to 100-degree heat was july 4th weekend. it's been a cool pattern. i don't see much in the way of change. sunny everybody breezy to windy. about the same tomorrow, the fog looks like it will decrease in coverage. inland temperatures will warm up. this is our fog product
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satellite. it will start to regroup and then i would have to think we'll max out if not today, tomorrow, we'll start to see decrease. as long as -- as long as the low stays 245 way, we get the clouds. gradual warming near the end of the week, as the high builds back to the west. if you are up in sierra nevada, there you go, that's a halling sea breeze. the best wind is in place as long as that po sits here near portland portland and seattle there. today and tomorrow there will be a lot of low clouds. 60s, 70s, 80s.
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fairfield, 82. i might be on the high side with gusts offer 35. walnut creek, 79. that's it. alameda, 66. 79 pleasanton. 77 -- 77 san jose. cooper tino. 77 redwood city. san bruno's 6. but pacifica only 5. low clouds will greet us in the mornings. and then after a while i see the inland temperatures warming you. a former texas worker recovering after breaking his neck in a fall. he was able to drive himself to the hospital. the 85-year-old said he fell about nine feet while pleasuring a -- measuring a pipe. we're told he's walking but i about will probably be in a neck praise for at least two weeks. >> he was on the board for 16
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years. just retired in 2008. there's also new information about that deadly watson victim plane crash that killed a family of four. the initial report released by the ntsb on friday says the pilot just earned its pilot's license and march and almost pulled out of the downward plain. it will probably take about nine months to determine the final cause of the deaths. 7:13 on this morning. how friends are remembering a palo alto family dilled -- killed over the weekend. ♪
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good morning. >> a lot of low clouds. almost everybody says cloudy. once the clouds burn off, it might take a while. it's only going to be in the 50s and 60s for everybody. breezy later as well. investors around the world are getting worried about the stalled debt limit talks. this morning, stocks is falling. alison burns is covering go issue -- negotiations for us. this is a critical week for striking a deal. >> that's right. the latest word from president obama is he will be postponeing
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a travel trip, one of them was to california. john boehner said he wanted a deal before the asian markets today. that didn't happen. secretary of state hillary clinton tried 0 of -- tried to offer assurances while speaking in hong kong. >> this is how an ultimate democrat society comes together to reach a solution. i'm confident congress will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling. this morning top democrats say the man gaining the most momentum is from harry reid. it would raise the debt ceiling through the 2012 republican election. but a lot of -- 2012 election but a lot of republicans this morning are saying this morning that they want a shorter deal. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. afghan officials are blaming the taliban for the
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murder of an 8-year-old boy. the government says the taliban demanded the father's police struck in exchange for the life of the boy and killed him when the father said no. the father said he thought it was just a prank call. a spokesman for the taliban denies any responsibility for the death of that child. 7:1. president obama is expected to talk about immigration issues today. he will be speaking at the annual conference of the national council of laraza in washington, d.c. organizers say attendees want to hear from the president on a number of pending issues including
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immigration reform. they also want him to comment on the record number of deportations last year. a new study shows racial discrimination by housing providers in solano county against black applicants. out of 40 pairs of blight and black applicants calling about the same rental, 13 white individuals received preferential treatment t. the study was done in part by the solano county office of legal services of northern california. 7:19. nancy pelosi wants an ethics investigation of congressman david wu. he's accused of an aggressive sexual counter of an 18-year- old family friend in northern california.
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it reportedly happened other r a visit in thanksgiving. congressman said he will not one for reelection. jury starts today in the trial of warren jeffs. he's accused of sexual assault on a child. those charges stem from a 2008 raid on a ranch run by his church. authorities removed 400 children from the yearning for lion -- from the yearning for zion ranch. he's also walked of big gomny. he -- -- bigamy. he will be starting starting that trial at another date. and koehler temperatures are spending the temperatures in the low to -- in the 80s and 90s. 132million people were under a heat alert. that heat is blamed for at least as 34 deaths. family and friends today are mourning the loss of four family members from paul low alto who died during a head-on
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collision in british columbia. the victims are robert howard. his wife, and their daughters samantha and 9-year-old veronica. the family was driving koutinae national park, when a big rig crashed into the camper. a richmond teenager is expected back in the bay area today after being attacked by a bear in alaska. he was one of seven people on a survival creek when the attack occurred. ktvu kraig debro is talking to the victim's grandmother and have a report at 7:350 and have more on how the boy is doing. blake keply was a passenger on a holland america ship on a seven-day cruise in alaska. on friday, a crew member reported him missing and that
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he possibly went overguard. they used helicopters to try to locate him but there was never any sign to them. a very close to a woman who got bad advice from her device. the gps told her to take a long turn. the blame of her car got stuck on the tracks. it took two toe trucks to get her free. a new government says the chickenpox vaccine has made a big difference in the death rate from chicken box. the study found they fell from 115 a year autopsy the way up to 14. the u.s. began vaccinating against chickenpox in 1995. a drop in the number of deaths after the vaccine had become available for 12 years. >> well, there could be a boom
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of cheaper generic prescription drugs in the last knew paints. -- months. seven of the top selling drugs, including the top to cholesterol and the generics they expect to see will continue for about the next week or so. a weekend of hayride did not go as lanked. >> also ahead -- also ahead, a seriously case that goes back to ten years. garning. traffic on 80 is -- good morning. traffic on 80 is busy.
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7:25. four people went to the hospital.
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40 others had minor injuries. a bizarre hayride accident in washington state that happened over the weekend. it happened on shaw island. according to the sheriff's office, a trailer started moving faster going down a hill than the tractor jackknifed. that hayride was part of a weekend retreat by two church groups. janine harms is presumed dead. she disappeared in 2001. the main suspect in the case, maurice mesny who was killed by the victim's brother who then killed himself. on friday, santa clara county prosecutors -- prosecutors said this may be link to the his
7:27 am
jeep cherokee. dave? >> i tell you, interstate 80 has been pretty slow. we had an earlier accident that was cleared. >> that freeway -- let's me move the map to the direct spot. westbound 80 from pinole to richmond. ork. in you move it back to highway 4. westbound highway 4 track is busy but it's going to be typical. interstate in berkeley is getting better than. -- than expected. this morning's commute on northbound 101 in san jose, getting some traffic from about two 8 areas. the low clouds by the coast
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will keep 50s there. a lot of fog. it's our turn to get ask another system up in the -- another system in the next six months. so with a west-southwest wind already 28 to fairfield, that's rip-roaring there. the low looks like it will move out on wednesday. that will alou the -- allow the high pressure to move back in. it may take a while. temperatures continue to be about 2, 6 degrees below average for this time of year. there will be gradual warming as we head toward the end of the week and then into the upcoming attacked. >> thank you. he's admitted to killing more than 90 people. the first court appearance for the suspect in norway's attacks in nos way.
7:29 am
nos-- in nosh -- in nor dey's attacks in norway's.
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welcome back. 7:31. we are getting new information from the grandmother of a richmond teenager who was attacked by a bear in alaska.
7:32 am
kraig debro has more on this. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. dramatic story, a group of teenagers, young adults up the alaskan wilderness are attacked by a bear. they wait eight hours. this all happened in the mountains of alaska. a team of seven was taking part in a wilderness adventure organized by the national outside leadership group. victor said he wanted to go to college next year. so on saturday evening, the students are crossing this river and just as three or four made it across, a bear began an attack. >> now, during the attack, according to victor, martin's grandmother, what happened is, the bear, it came around the corer in and the bear -- corner
7:33 am
and the bear began attacking one or two of the people. victor was in the group. he began to kick the bear to try to get him off him. he has an injury above his ankle. he was in the hospital yesterday. we understand he's out of the hospital now. two people have injuries that are described as critical and life-threatening. the other two are critical and not life-threatening. here's what the grandmother had to say about the attack -- >> as they were coming around this trail, this bear came out, and someone told me, that they were -- they were protecting their cubs. and they just came at them.
7:34 am
the two suspects -- kids in the front and came after him and that's when he started running. and he fell down and started kicking and praying. >> reporter: that set off an emergency beacon. it took eight hours for help. the victor wants to know why this took so long. coming up at 8:30 we're hoping to talk to victor's cousin about what happened during that eight-hour period. the young people had to do a lot just to keep those other people alive. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:34. the chp is investigating the cause of a fiery crash on highway 1 in pacifica. a car flipped over and burst into flames near mooner drive around 11:30 last night.
7:35 am
the person inside was taken to the hospital. but the condition is not known. the highway was shut down for several hours during the investigation. all lanes reopened around 1:30 this morning. it's been another violent weekend on the streets of -- on the streets of richmond. homicide investigators are still looking for suspects in the deadly shooting after 19- year-old man saturday night. police say the death is likely tied to a dispute between the north and south gangs. richmond has matched last year's entire homicide total. >> it's really disturbing. >> the youth in roughmond have to make a decision -- richmond have to make a decision about to live. >> the main goal, trying to stop this outbreak of deadly violence. police in oakley have arrested a suspect in a shooting saturday night that killed one man and injured a
7:36 am
teenager. david vargas is in jail. police found omar martinez shot to death inside of a car around 7:00 p.m. saturday night near o'hara and laurel. a 16-year-old boy was also shot and airlifted to the hospital. 47-year-old santiago is expected to enter a plea that he killed someone. a woman's body was found stuffed in a garbage bag in in sunnyvale neighborhood. investigators want to know a motive but it appears the accused killer knew the victim. he worked as a jan ter at san jose's -- jan tour at the east
7:37 am
bay -- janitor at the hp pavilion. today police will hold a news conference and announce three suspects believed to be connected to three murders and as well as other crime in san francisco. the man who confessed to the attacks that killed 93 people in norway will appear in court today. the judge ordered breivik to appear. breivik said he carried out the attackings to save -- attacks to save norway. if he's accused of a bomb attack at a government building and also a shooting massacrant
7:38 am
the youth -- massacre youth camp. >> his father said she's ashamed and disgusted by his son's attacks. he believes his son should have taken his own life as be. >> norwegians in the wear -- in the bay area are shocked. >> many still can't believe this happened in their country. >> it's devastating. you just want to cry. it's such an unusual event for norway. a teenager from sacramento is inspected to fully recover after being trapped when the sand tunnel he was in suddenly equipped. she was at the beach on saturday when it happened. it took two minutes for people
7:39 am
to dig her out. a bystander submitted it dash and then an ambulance took her to the hospital. she was recently released. >> she pulled her out, she was blue. she was not breathing. her heartbeat was really, really light. >> this is the second time in a month that a northern california teen has been hospitalized after digging a tunnel in the sunday that collapsed. last month, ryan buchanan from orinda was buried for ten minutes before rescuers could free him. he's still in the hospital. there was a breakthrough early this morning between nfl owners and players. coming up at 7:45. we'll have a live shot from washington, d.c. this happened yesterday around 1 -- about 1:00 in the
7:40 am
visitacion valley. one bern was pounded -- wound. in the neck after a shooting. both were rushed to a local hospital and are recovering. this morning, san francisco religious leaders are helping san francisco in the gun battle between kenneth harding an police officers. police say it began when hardy wouldn't pay for his fare. 20 minutes before 8:00. we want to get to sal to see how things are going. 880, sal? >> that's right. we're gonna look at that first, at 880 if you are driving to the airport or driving to --
7:41 am
well, anywhere in the oakland area. a lot of people use 880. it's doing very niecely. also this morning, we're looking at the east shore freeway had this freeway has been very low spice of an earlier crash. controller? this morning we had -- has been very slow because of an earlier crash. this morning, what the heck is wrong with 80? it's quickly blocking um and the bay bridge toll plaza is light. that's because people can't get through on 80. if this sur -- if this is your commute please gun yourself extra time t that traffic looks pretty. good. the south bay, moderately heavy. let's will go to steve. >> a strong push on the friends and clouds. a friend of mine was out bis
7:42 am
and he says i will never -- business -- complain about our heat again. no duding. >> right now we're on the cool for a while. the last time we m any heat was july 24th the,ing,ing if, drizzle. with, third fallen asoo thely -- i really sewn see -- i really sewn see -- i really don't see much of a change. there's so much in the way of low clouds and fogs out there. the water its came up a little bit. they will still cool but not as cool as they were a few months ago. there's clouds all the wray out to the san francisco valley. it will get sunshine. it's not going anywhere and get its act together and come back
7:43 am
flying in. you can see a lot of low clouds there. another system up in the pacific northwest. 50s on the temperatures right now. low clouds and fog all over the place. a lot of tweets coming in. big mike in santa rosa, mikell -- michael up there said, a couple of drizzles. low clouds all over the place. a ripsnorting sea breeze is. turns appear to be held in check and also just to our turn to be onen the side. gradual warming as that high gets closer towards thursday and friday but maybe some troll perfect. dash moisture. 60s, 70s and 80s. not so such coast and bay. but the inland areas instead of showing up at 80s. not much change tuesday.
7:44 am
it does look like transition day will be wednesday -- wednesday. a recovering area in another dole. the last project from alonging -- allowing the a certain event -- allow the this to -- the event to take place.
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welcome back. the nfl lockout may be coming to an he. there was a breakthrough -- an end. there was a breakthrough 24 morning -- this morning.
7:47 am
emily schmidt has more. >> reporter: hi, maureen. walk is really the center of the universe -- washington is relit center of the universe right now because of situations going on. we have a 13-player committee taking a look at the deal reached at the wee hours of the morning, 3:00 a.m. the nfl says it's all but a done deal. the home page says "owners/players agree to a new de. play time is over or about to begin." i want to show he you some -- show you some video that just came in. the players, owners and those involved in the negotiations that are in washington to look over that deal that was formalized overnight. also scheduled today probably within the next hour or so will be a teleconference we know they will be looking at this
7:48 am
deal. if both sets of these groups approve it, we are looking at the lockout being over. there have been so many sticking points. medical plans, protective insurance coverage, workers's compensation. all of these things have apparently been worked out because the deal is just a formality now it needs the vote. we want to take you live now to wall street. it's a big day where people are keeping an eye. it appears that the dow has rallied back a little bit. we saw it down roughly about 100 points. right now, down 56. fells tell in early trading
7:49 am
today city bank plans to launch a new credit card claims it has several features customers want. citibank says the new simplicity amount for all purchases, cash advances and it says it doesn't have any late fee o-- fees. one drawback, the 17% interest rate, that's about two behind the market. while story. lab test the now confirming a 70 -- tests now confirming a 70- year-old man was attacked by
7:50 am
killer bees. jack mcbribe was struck nearly 50 times. he was out walking his dogs. exterminators came out and destroyed four tests -- four nests. he says the bees didn't sting him on the face. they came out if -- they came out and they -- and then i knocked my own glasses out and fell. >> now, he -- now, he ran just a mile trying to get shelter. the we were the we -- behind -- the bees were the worst sound you ever heard, he said. and they had not spread beyond those four nests. a manhunt is underway for an arsonist in new york hollywood after a dozen bishops
7:51 am
-- suspicious diller -- killer. >> at least 18 fires have built apartment buildings and motor cars is -- since last week. one woman left her home to look at a fire and was shocked to find herself is -- i went back to bed and then within two minutes, a woman was screaming get up! get up! your garage is on fire! >> arson police officers are working with the police. logging is set to begin this week. environmentists filed suit to
7:52 am
stop. more than 700 same-sex couples got marelied yesterday, including with one special ceremony by michael bloom if burg -- bloom burg. by the state of new york, i pronounced you both, married. >> and there you see the mayor behind to of his staff members. you can see the daughters also took part in the wedding ceremony. but not everyone was subpoena brating. about a -- was celebrating. a about a dozen froms pro setted -- tested out the door between. between. a dream come true for many electronic loves in -- lovers in new york city. also, big treat for michael
7:53 am
jackson jans. the bill afunsment is coming today. the big aluns hunt that's coming today.
7:54 am
7:55 am
today, members of the michael jackson family will hold a press conference to announce a tribute concert. jackson's mother and his titos will reveal details of the -- and his family will reveal details of the concert. the producers say it will feature performers and benefit a number of charities. china shut shut -- just shut down two apples stores. there are three more still there. the stores look identical to real apple stores. the difference is they say "apple" store on them. the real ones just so the logo.
7:56 am
the officials said they closed doors because they didn't have a license. there are already five apple stores in new york city. today, new york officials are expected to vote on a plan to build a $23,000 square foot store in grand central. now, if the metropolitan approves it, it would get full authorization. >> guaranteed to get some traffic there. >> of course. >> we can seer were some problems around here -- >> i'm glad you are paying attention. >> i did. i listen to every word. >> let's take a look at what we have. she's absolutely right. there have some been -- there have been some slow spots. northbound 101 approaching the 880 intersection. we have slow traffic, just a little bit slower than it normally was. 280 is also slow. this morning we've been looking at other things as well.
7:57 am
highway 4 slow in antioch. but then we're getting the slowdown here. also 24 westbound on the way to la fayette. if you are driving to the east bay -- let's say you are driving from hayward to fremont. most of the slow traffic you will see is in the stretch between 92 and 84 headed south on 880. on the east shore freeway, a lot of people have been behind schedule. we had an early crash and that's been gone. traffic is backed up into pinole. it's unwinding now, when you get to the bay bridge, it's only a mod -- moderate delay. there's still a lot of gray over the bay as we like to say. and it's not going anywhere for the next couple of days. if you like the -- if you like the fog -- there you go.
7:58 am
live stormtracker, too not showing any rain but showing a lot of gray -- a lot of gay. 60s for many or 70s and some very very low england. parmer -- warmer weather gradually. it will start to appear after wednesday. a funeral set here in the bay area has ties to an explosive police case. >> reporter: there are disturbing details on the attacks on bryan stow. coming up we will tell you what the suspects are accused of doing. >> reporter: east palo alto police are investigating then meetive behind a shooting that left one man dead.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell has the day off. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday, july 25th. well, for the first time the two new suspects in the bryan stow beating case will appear in a los angeles courtroom this
8:01 am
morning. allie rasmus says there's grew some new details about that -- grew some new details about -- gruesome new details about that case. >> reporter: bryan stow's family says he's shown some signs of progress just in the past few weeks. now, stow was beatingen outside of the stadium -- beaten outside of the stadium in march. during that beating, he not only suffered head injuries but according to authorities, his attackers slashed his tongue. the police arrested louie santos and marvin norwood. both are said to be arraigned in superior court on one count each of mayhem, assault and battery. charlie beck held a press conference. the chief said police would not be releasing mugshots yet.
8:02 am
he says doing that could jeopardize the investigation. but they are said to resemble the sketches they had at the beginning of the investigation. now, geovany ramirez was arrested initially for the suspect. he had said all along he was not at the game where stow was beaten and now police say, that's right. they had the wrong guy and the two new suspects are behind bars in los angeles. they are being held on $500,000 bail. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. police in east palo alto are investigating a deadly -- a deadly shooting. jade hernandez is live with what police are saying this morning. >> reporter: within the last 30 minutes, the police have opened up east bayshore boulevard for
8:03 am
most of the morning. we've been live on the other side of this building. we've moved to show you where police say the actually shooting took place. you can see here right here a van pulled up, broken glass and behind that can there was broken glass all around. police say the man ran around and dieded of his injuries. this is located on euclid and east bayshore boulevard. dispatch sent officers to the area after receiving calls about shots fired. police aren't sure how many shooters were involved. police can't confirm any information about a getaway car. it looks like the shootings are
8:04 am
of personal motetyvation rather than social motivation. it doesn't look like it's one gang against another one. it looks like it's a personal matter that's escalating. east palo alto police are hold a short press conference. theretherethere is a strong possibility that last night's shooting may have song to the two. they are expected to release identities, the persons of interest and the -- and a time line of the killings. police are looking for witnesses right now but are receiving tips in last night's shooting that happened here. anyone with any information can leave a mess an or text the number that you see at the bottom of your screen. regarding live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you for the update. 8:04. napa police arrested a teenager over the weekend who they say was carrying stolen equipment from napa high school.
8:05 am
the arrest happened early saturday morning after an officer shotted the -- spotted the teen's car speeding on laurel street. police say he kept going except for when he jumped out of the car and behind an am complex. the dog find him. the trial of four middle school boys accused of saltbushes -- sexually assaulting two girls on a field trip is set to start today. >> the start was when 20 students went to redwood park. investigators claim the boys broke away from the group. >> if -- a san francisco girl is improving this morning after being hit by a strayed bullet. she was at her uncle's on the friday nightant slashed into the win dope and she under went
8:06 am
critical condition. two teens are arrested for the norths. >> a funeral service will be held for caldwell, the best friend of oscar grant. police are still looking for his killer. caldwell was with oscar grant station at the b.a.r.t. station, 2009. when he was killed biohan necessary -- by grow have -- by joe january hess messerle.
8:07 am
8:06. the san francisco giant also pay a visit to 1600 pennsylvania avenue today. president obama is honoring the giants at a white house event celebrating their world series victory. the president will also honor the team for the world off the field. the giants are thrilled to meet with the president. this ceremony begins at 1:00 p.m. that's west coast time. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the u.s. debt impasse is affecting stock markets both here and oversees -- overseas. california drivers are re-- are required to answer a question about kidney or other orgen donations. now if there's no answer, the application will be rejected. 2% of adult california drivers have chosen to donate.
8:08 am
the national average is 40%. let's check in with sal. hopefully everyone is banking on the roads. >> yes, they are. they are glad you are back. >> they are banking extra special for you. good morning. the traffic is going to be busy in some areas. unfortunately, it's not so great on interstate 80. if this is your commute, and you head west, most of this you will see. by the time you get to berkeley, it gets better and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it has been nice. most people have had trouble getting through. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. that looks pretty good and so does the dumbarton bridge getting out to the hospital. nearby heyward, union city, fremont. we'll see slow traffic here heading south. it has become a lot easier. if you drive down to the dumbarton bridge. across the bay, southbound 101
8:09 am
get -- looks good getting down to palo alto. there is a crash. it will make it slow getting into los gatos and san jose. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good porning -- morning to you. a lot of low clouds. can't get around it. there are signs of the high pressure building in the area. palo alto, should be 78. we're going 75. so we're below. we're we lee on the -- below on the temperatures. inland, temperatures have been below for the youngest time. why? another area of low pressure parks itself up in the pacific northwest. that really helps the fog along, not only lifting it but
8:10 am
enhancing it. gradual warming. near 90 inland. what? that's what it looks like toward the end of the week. also down towards southern california, just giving you the heads up, and 50s on the temperatures. fairfield is 57, concord, 57. san jose, 59. there is why there is a big old blanket of gray there and also a sea breeze that's really strong and out to the sacramento valley. some of that cover down there. that low will kick out to the north. when they come into the east for us to get it warm, coast and bay concluded, we -- is the north-northeast wind. we haven't seen that for a long time.
8:11 am
>> brentwood, 84. low 80s logan hill, gilroy. a lot of 70s on the peninsula or even upper 60s, mid-50s on the coast. too much fog. it looks this way all the way into wednesday and then high pressure should slowly build back in again. pg&e says power's restored and is back on for several hundred berkeley customers that lost power. there were two separate outages, almost 1700 customers lost power in north berkeley and in an area right near uc berkeley and officials reopened the american airlines terminal at j.f.k. in new york. a suspicious bag was found there this morning. port authority spokesperson says the bag was checked out,
8:12 am
dogs checked it out. they clear it -- they cleared it. the man who planted this is due to arrive in san francisco at 10:45. we'll keep an eye on this, follow this story and bring you details as they come in. 8:11. it's an amazing story of survival. the rescue that happened at the base of a sierra nevada waterfall. for the first time, the new york hotel maid who is accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault, speaks out.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a lot of 50s and low clouds an fog will give way to some sun. it might take locker near the coast. upper 70s. that's it. lower mid-80s are inland. time turning 8:15. overseas financial markets are pretty much down. the stalled debt limit talks are making the markets nervous. >> reporter: the credibility of the u.s. economy is on the line. and unless congress acts this week to raise the debt limit, the u.s. risks defaulting for the first time in history. talks broke down in spectacular fashion at the white house on friday with house speaker, john
8:16 am
boehner, stopping negotiations with president obama. now the republican house and democratic senate are trying to come up with plans of their own. dianne feinstein expressed her exaspiration over the weekend. >> this is the first time in 19 years that i feel that -- that something that can be done very simply is being held for high stakes. >> reporter: harry reid, said this would raise the debt ceiling, cuts spending and meets the gop plan of no new taxes. republicans have been pushing for a shorter-term deal. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the made who accuses dominique strauss-kahn of assaulting her in a new york city hotel is speaking out
8:17 am
publicly. she told "newsweek" she wants him to go to jail. she said strauss-kahn assaulted her when she entered his room to clean it. today the united nations food and agricultural organization is holding an emergency meeting to help fight familiar mon in somalia and other countries. people are arriving to the capital by the thousands looking for food. this is the worst drought in decades. a militant islam group is refusing food from christian groups. tens of thousands of people may be dead already from hunger. a richmond teenager is
8:18 am
expected back in the bay area after being attacked by a bear. kraig debro is getting new details from the victim's cousin. coming up at:30, he'll have more about the time the group spent dating -- waiting for help. a marine county volunteer firefighter is praised for saving the life of a georgia tourist who fell 30 feet down a waterfall. officials say jim greer was out hiking on sunday when he saw the hiker get swept away. well, he jumped in. pulled him out of the water and revised him. all of this happened about a week after through tourists were killed at a waterfall in yosemite. how far would you go to get your wallet or cell phone? >> look at this picture.
8:19 am
this man from central california crawled down a manhole until he got stuck. police were called to the scene. people saw his legs sticking out of the manhole. it took four fofs to get him out. he did have a -- firefighters to get him out. he did have a couple of bruises. but he will be fine. no word if he got hit wife or cell phone back. the department of public health says a man in santa clara county has the virus. he's in the hospital but has been released. the stress did not release him ash republican. warm front not is commonly followed by mosquitoes who feed on deadly bird. this may become fine. state officials say can tom nateed water was dumped on late
8:20 am
last year, early this year. now the town is negotiating who should flip the bill. 8:19. the kimberly clark cap reported their second-quarter earnings dropped sharp, an 18% jump in profits. they are setting to drive these with price hikes. dim berly clark makes scott papers -- kimberly clark makes scott papers, huggies 'typers. new ice cream lovers you have a new reason you want to donate blood as of today. the american red cross is offering a pint of dr -- the program runs through the end of the month. the offer applies to locations at five bay area red cross
8:21 am
centers. they are the ones in san jose, oakland, pleasant hill, newark hand pleasanton. a landmark is closing. 31 years to the day it opened. the theater's long time owner say this is an error of streaming video. and the red track do not traffic moviegoers. still ahead, a bush prior raising in system. sand and what's happening today that could answer the daes about amy white -- the questions about aimy whitehouse's death.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
welcome back. more than 1,000 firefighters are fighting a brush fire that's burned almost 11,000 acres in san diego county. the fire started thursday on the los kye yotis indian reservation. it's -- loss coyotes indian reservation. the fire is now 40% contained. so far no one is hurt. no buildings have been burned. still no word on what caused the fire. there will be an autopsy date on sicker amy winehouse. the 27-year-old british sicker was found dead at -- sicker was found dead at her home on
8:25 am
saturday. so far her death is being described as unexplained. she was arrested several times. she was known to have drug and alcohol problems. as word of her death, fans gathered outside her home on london, fans left flowers and photos, out of respect. and there's a spike in her sale. five years after being released" the back in black "album is back on the chart. sales jumped 37% after the confirmation of her death, within the first 30 minutes. it's 25 minutes after 8:00. we want to get to sal. sal, anything surprising you on this morning? >> not really. 280 northbound is getting a little bit better now.
8:26 am
i think the crowd was during the last hour or so. it looks pretty decent here and getting up into cupertino. bay bridge toll plaza has been news. a view from emery ville. those metering lights are still on. you won't be waiting for that much longer. i might even turn those lights off pretty soon. the busiest traffic seems to be on 880 ahead -- heading south on the peninsula. that traffic looks pretty good on 101 and let's go to steve now. >> sal, a lot of fog out there. temperatures will be held in check, probably warmer toward the end of the week. but not today. the wind wheels are cranked up. there's gusts -- gusts for many out there. it's roaring right along. when it makes it that war, that far, you know we're in for a school day. 55 to 59 degrees. due to a cloud cover. another low up in the pacific west continues to enhance her
8:27 am
clouds. sebastopol, santa rosa all the way to parts of oakland anded -- oakland and the bay. 50s, 60s, and 70s for many. have you to go pretty far to find temperatures that are warm. the temperatures lightning like they will be inching back. i say inch -- inching back because it may take a couple of days. dave? >> okay. thank you. the suspect in the norway shooting massacre was in court a few moments ago. and the -- and the new death toll was revised.
8:28 am
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and can help lower cholesterol.
8:30 am
welcome back. a young richmond man is due back in the bay area tonight after surviving a bear attack in alaska. he was in a group learning survival skills when that bear attacked. ktvu's kraig debro just spoke with the young man's cousin. this is interesting, because you were in a survival course just like this one and the bears came close to you, too. >> reporter: i did. i did did it in high school. and the bears got close to our ten. very scary situation. i just spoke with the cousin of the victim, amar'e jones. ar manti jones toll us what his cousin saw before the attack. >> turned around and saw the
8:31 am
cub. and they seen the big, old bear. that's when he ran. >> reporter: they were in the 24th day of a 31-day wilderness trip. the trip is organized by the n.o.l.s. this all happened in the western mountains on alaska on saturday evening. following the attack the students set off their emergency beacons during the next eight hours. and martin held the team together. >> he had tissue coming out of his head, i guess muscle. he's plied pressure on it. that's what he did. applied pressure on the head. >> i was very concerned about why there wasn't somewhere ahead of him where they could get in touch with the man who had this type of thing happen.
8:32 am
>> reporter: miss grandmother says should have responded faster. they have a lot of situation. she says that they know that alaska coulden dangerous for students especially with bears nearby. now, we did speak to n. >> l.s. i called them earl -- n.o.l.s. i called them. they have not called me back. so hopefully we'll have information on their response, later on. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. the two new suspects -- the two new suspects are expected to make their first court appearance in the bryan stow. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, los angeles police arrested the two new suspects on thursday. both men have a criminal history so these mugshots are from prior arrests.
8:33 am
they are 29 and 30 years old. they are accused of not only beating bryan stow and caughting similiar -- similar injuries, the suspects also cut's toe tongue and disfigured his case. the arraignment is scheduled to happen right now. we will have more information about what goes on in that arraignment on the news at noon. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now, 8:33. the chp sweating -- investigating a fiery crash it happened on highway 1 in pacifica. a car flipped over, flipped into flames near manor drive. one. passengers was returned to the hospital. at this point we don't know their condition. the highway was closed for several hours while the investigation took praise. all of the lanes reopened at about 1:40 this morning.
8:34 am
8:33. in just about a half an hour, a suspect in the sunnyvale case is due in a san jose courtroom. 47-year-old felicina valencia sawnty you a guy is expected to -- santiago is expected to enter charges of assaulting a woman. investigators are still look for a motive but it appears the accused killer knew the victim. arosco worked as a jan ter at the a -- janitor -- as a worker. we're learning that two people were shot and police will hold a briefing discussing three its -- suspects who they believe are in charge of these crimes.
8:35 am
the victims now identified -- the victim's robert howard, his wife anna maria and their daughters, 11-year-old samantha and 9-year-old veronica. the family was driving near the national park when an oncoming truck smashed the side. the camper burst into -- the camp burst into flames. there's also new information about that fatal watsonville family that killed a that family of four. now, the first report says the pilot had just earned his boots in march. and -- and almost was payable to pull that plane out of the downward spiral and regain control. but it did not happen. a former napa county
8:36 am
supervisor is recovering after he broke his neck in a serious fall. amazingly he was able to drive himself to the hospital. 5-year-old harold moss woe kit says he fell -- mosqoutix drove -- he drove to the hospital, 15 miles. he is walking but will probably be in a neck brace for two months. he was on the board for two years and. >> where the growing talk of the median. three bay area cities are fearing up for competition. the two teams have been meeting about the possibility of meeting a stadium but if they go ahead, the next big question is where would the up brack. >> the man who coon fenced to
8:37 am
the norway shooting -- who confessed to the northway shooting, the jung has ordered him ordered -- ordered him back. he's accused of a bomb attack at a government building as well as that shooting massacre at a youth camp. today search and rescue crews in these boats are still looking for more possible victims. just within the last half-hour. police lowered the death toll. first they said there were 86 people. now they are saying 6. --
8:38 am
saying 96. people on the east coast are starting to feel some relief from the heat. cooler air is sending temperatures into the low to mid os. that's a big -- low to mid-80s. that's a big difference for the triple-judge temperatures where 120 million people were plameed for a heart aheler. there was ahe -- 120 million people were blamed for this. coming up, we'll have a live report from washington on the latest developments in the nfl lockout. investigators are looking into a shooting at 1:00 a.m. on the bus in the visittation valley. the plus say the -- the suspect, african-american,
8:39 am
fired shots outside the bus. >> one person was wounded in the hand. another was wounded in thing in. both were taken to a hospital. they are recovering from treatment. >> as we speak right now, san francisco's religious leaders are camping out some financial aid. >> reporter: since about early this morning, regular end church said he gave money, a handful, because people didn't have it. >> that wassish male. this -- that was reverend ishael. police say the shooting with harding started when he ran from police not wanting to day por his tick nick.
8:40 am
the money is kiming from their own pockets. a live picture we just saw. mathing slowly but how about truth deposit. how are things eating out there. they are a little bit maureen and dave. once ginn, good morning to you both. let's take a look at the morning commute on 237. we had. a dash -- i know one person who was -- who is always on the 237, already thinks the commute is bad and now it will be worse on 237. let's take a long and take a look at the 880 commute in front of the oakland coliseum. northbound traffic is busy. not all that bad. i think southbound is worse i think from hey hard to -- from hayward to slow driver. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds, fog,
8:41 am
drizzle, numerous reports coming in. it's one of those yucky kind of days unless you like this -- dash a lot of people like this. if you do enjoy it, temperatures are below average. heldsburg should be 90 -- heldsburg should be -- hildsberg, 90 today. palo alto, we'll go 74. unless you are at the airport then it have be -- then it will be 70, 71. we have wait for the high to build back in. low crowds. breezy, windy. orinda, the delta. you get gust the over 35 miles an hour and we're sold out,
8:42 am
we're done. we get our hot weather when the high builds in. some tropical clouds right down there, they might start to filter in on the ier vau. if you are heading out there, 50s and 60s. and move fit. everyone else is in the 50s. the lows that right there will hang around for another day and then it will kick out. as it also -- does, sunny for most, but then breezy to windy with everything in place for a rather cool day. 60s, 70s or os. a lot of drizzle out towards santa rosa, sebassty toll. 79 walnut creek. 79 in pleasanton, 72 to hayward. but openly.
8:43 am
>> it's cool across the board here. temperatures will begin a little push up as that high builds back in but not inform after wednesday and then we should see low 90s inland. it was supposed to be a charming ride on a hayride but things went horribly wrong. the chain of events that left 40 people injured. and why you might be saying a lot less for dozens of the top-selling prescription drugs.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. the time is 8:45. we are looking live at the wall street. the latest numbers coming from the dow. currently down 50. this is the first day opening since lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on the nation's date limit. most -- debt limit. most traders expect a last- minute deal to come um. you -- come up. currently the dow is down 50. the nasdaq is down just 5 and the s&p down only 4 at this hour. there's mixed news from japanese carmakers. nissan made almost 420,000 vehicles since june. nissan says it set a company record for monthly production.
8:47 am
the increase helped boost nissan's sales by 13%. toyota and honda promote lower -- report lower productions. las vegas-based netflix is in talks with dreamworks. dreamworks is known for movies -- movies including the shrek film. neither party is commenting. right now, the nfl players are arriving in washington, d.c. for a vote that could end the lockup. the break comes from team -- team owners and players. >> reporter: i know it's been a while since anybody has seen a football game. but where we are my might be the end of a game. you know the outcome, you just have to run the clock. according to, the final
8:48 am
details of this deal were reached about eight and a half hour ago, 3:00 a.m. eastern time. after that was released, you see this video coming in. players members of the 13th ect tective committee arriving in walk to take a look at the deal for themselves. decide if they are -- in washington to take a look at the deal. they say it's a vote at this time. the next step is to have a conference with player why representatives to make sure they are on board. if they agree, that means the nfl season will be able to go on as planned. maureen? all right. 8:48. let's brick you up to date on some of the -- bring you up to date on some of the top stories. the two new suspects in the bryan stow beating case are
8:49 am
expected to appear any moment in a los angeles courtroom. we're getting our first look at those suspects. we'll have more on that -- coming up. also -- east palo alto police investigating a shooting that left one person dead, another one injured. all of this happened in a parking lot in euclid. it happened just before 10:-- 10:30 last new. and the judge ordered a suspect confess. and that he be held for eight weeks, four of them in isolation. police doned the overall top pole -- also, the overall did the rate is 93. the over all number of people dead is 93. a new study claims housing providers in solano county
8:50 am
discriminate against black applicants. the study found calling about the same rentals, white preferential treatments were to white, not the black. the study was done in part by the solano county office of legal services in northern california. a very close call for a woman whom received bad advice. she came -- she came stuck on the rain tracks this. happened after the gps told her to take a wrong turn. the train on the track remained stuck on the -- the stuck on the tracks. blake keply was on a
8:51 am
holland american trip, a seven- day crews in alaska. friday a crew member announced he was missing, possibly went overboard. throughout the weekend they used helicopters and boats trying to find him. but there was no sign of him. four people were sent to the hospital. 40 others suffered minor injuries after a hayride accident in washington state. it happened on shay island. acore -- according to the sheriff's office the trailer putting it started going faster and the tractor jackknifed. the hey ride was part of a retreat by two youth groups. a study found that chickenpox from an average of 105 year to 14. the u.s. began vaccinating against. -- against the voyeurs in 1995. 1995.
8:52 am
near could be a --ps against the virus in 1995. -- against the virus in 1995. there could be a discount on drugs, prescription -- on prescription drugs. police made an arrest of a suspect in a deadly weekend sheeting in oakley. who are they still out there looking for? and nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation into an oregon congressman as he's responding to calls about his political future.
8:53 am
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he will be the first in a new breed of super ursoldiers! >> captain america had more power than harry potter. it had the strongest opening, selling almost $66 million worth of tickets. that was $18 million more than harry potter and the deathly hallows part ii. our time now, 8:55. police in oakley arrested a suspect in a shooting saturday night that left one man dead and injured a teenager. 21-year-old david vargas now in jail on suspicion of murder. police found 22-year-old omar martinez shot to death in a car about 7:00 p.m.
8:56 am
saturday near o'hara and laurel road. a 16-year-old boy was also shot. he was airlifted to the hospital. police are looking for two other people who they think were in the car with martinez when he was shot. house democratic leader nancy pelosi wants an ethics investigation of congressman david wu. he's accused of a sexual encounter of an 18-year-old daughter of a campaign individual in northern california. it reportedly happened over thanksgiving. wu has made no signs of resigning but he did say that he would not be running again. 7-11 store, someone bought a super lotto ticket for all of the numbers needed for the $61 million jackpot. the winner can claim the prize as early as:00 this morning. lucky ticket -- 8:00 this morning. the lucky ticket can get an
8:57 am
immediate payout of $38 million or receive monthly payments. traders are beginning to doubt the dollar's long-term strength. historians say the dollar was almost wiped out several times during the long existence. but the need for quick cash of economic panic did survive. the broxton mcmullen dog is selling at stadium stands for $80. the high price comes from the expensive ingredients. they say. the bread rule is hand crafted by one of boston's most exclusive bakeries. >> wow. >> exclusive hot dog. [ laughter ] i know. let's go right to sal. >> we're gonna do it quickly here. show you some slow traffic on -- actually, 280 looks good
8:58 am
around the corner. it's a little bit slow. we're looking at the bay bridge. that's nice and light for you. if you are driving on interstate 880. it should be a nice drive. fog, sun, cool, mild. there will be some wind today. temperatures, 60s, 70s, os. it does -- 80s. it does look warmer. nothing too outrageous. >> okay. looks like the old 90 in there. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. we'll continue to follow more on the bryan stow beating suspects expected in court. we'll have that on the news at noon. until then, from all of us here at ktvu, have a great day. >> bye-bye.
8:59 am

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